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The Farmer to Farmer Hay, Forage and Corn List puts Wisconsin farmers in touch with one another for the purpose of buying and/or selling corn and forage. The farmer to farmer list is free of charge to both buyers and sellers. Users can list or search for hay, alfalfa haylage, corn silage, high moisture corn, corn grain, or other forages (i.e., oats, peas, or Sorghum-sundangrass). Search just one county or several counties at the same time. UW-Cooperative Extension assumes no responsibility in the transaction of buying or selling the items listed on this web site. All transactions and negotiations are handled directly between buyers and sellers.

In order to keep the listing current, please request that you be removed when you have either made your sale or purchase. Listings remain on the site for 60 days, or until you request your listing be removed.

Machine picking corn.

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